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Training & Testing

Training & Testing


Are you confident your organization’s workplace is completely prepared to confront any natural or human-made disaster or on-site medical emergency? When an emergency occurs, don’t wait until it is too late to discover that your Emergency Response Plan is not effective.

To ensure your Emergency Preparedness Program is complete and comprehensive, it must be tested. Our team of experts have an aggregate of more than 100 years of experience training staff, testing plans, and developing programs to ensure no potential threat is overlooked. Readiness Associates provides two levels of training and testing: Tabletop Exercises and Emergency Response Drills.


tabletop exercises

Our Training & Testing program includes tabletop exercises (TTX) where we bring key staff members and stakeholders together, in an informal setting, to discuss potential emergency and disaster scenarios. Tabletop exercises, facilitated by the experts at Readiness Associates, help assess plans, policies, and procedures without deploying resources. 

Emergency response drills

Readiness Associates also provides Emergency Response Drills, a more thorough test of your organization's actual Emergency Preparedness. Our drills uncover unknown gaps or weaknesses you might otherwise not find until stressed. RA assesses your organization's performance during a simulated emergency. We also measure success against Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards and industry best practices. And upon conclusion of the Emergency Response Drills, your organization will recieve a report of our findings, including analysis, feedback, and suggested changes.