Readiness Associates

Readiness Associates Services

Readiness Associates Services


Readiness Associates provides a complete suite of resiliency solutions to get your staff and facility ready for disasters and emergencies and for health care organizations ensures compliance with CMS regulations. We offer a full suite of services including Risk Assessment, Emergency Plans, Policies & Procedures, Communications Plans, and Training & Testing Programs. 


why use readiness associates for your emergency Preparenenss partner?

  • Confidence that your organization has a complete and realistic plan for natural or man-made disasters created by experts in the field

  • Peace of mind that your organization can deliver the highest level of support to your community in the event of a disaster or emergency

  • Assurance that your health care organization and staff are compliant with new CMS regulations

  • An independent third-party of experts to review and test your preparedness plan and assumptions

  • Expert guidance to prepare your organization for emergencies and disasters your staff may be unfamiliar with

  • Uncover gaps in your Emergency Preparedness Plan before a true emergency situation

  • Free your time to focus on other business priorities

Let Readiness Associates manage the coordination, planning, and response testing of your complex emergency projects.


Risk Assessment

Emergency Plans

Policies & Procedures

Communication Plans


Training & Testing