Readiness Associates

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


You need a team of professionals to assess and document potential hazards that are likely to impact your region, community, facility, and patient population in the event of an emergency or disaster. Readiness Associates can identify any gaps and potential challenges that would adversely effect how your organization would perform when the demand for the services or its ability to provide those services is compromised.

We use a comprehensive, all-hazards approach and a variety of methods to assess and document potential hazards and their impacts. Based on the results of your Risk Assessment, we will develop and deliver an emergency plan unique to your organization.


Action Plan

This includes a detailed report with specific steps & recommendations to improve safety and preparedness of any facility and its occupants. Readiness Associates initiates the first step, shifting complacency into a new culture of confidence and preparedness. Readiness Associates provides objective benchmarks, pinpoints preparedness and safety voids, and delivers a road map for any organization to incrementally evolve.