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Emergency Plan


Based upon the results of your Risk Assessment, Readiness Associates will develop and deliver a customized Emergency Plan for your facility taking into account the location of your facility and hazards most likely to occur in the surrounding area. Your unique plan will act as a guidebook and include how to meet the needs of your employee/patient/customer populations, and define essential business continuity operations that will provide support during an emergency event. The Emergency Plan will also direct your organization through collaborations with your local emergency preparedness officials.


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Readiness Associates will provide you with a detailed guide to get you through likely natural hazards or human-caused events. The comprehensive plan will include:

  • Evacuation Plan
  • Severe Weather Sheltering Plan
  • Shelter-In-Place Plan
  • Lockdown Plan
  • Instructions for Broadcasting Warnings
  • Medical Emergency
  • Emergency Plan
  • Property Conservation Information
  • List of Emergency Response teams and contact information