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Economic growth in Maine stagnant, 47th in nation, report says

After reading this article, I emailed Portland Press writer, Edward D. Murphy as follows: Mr. Murphy:

Just read your article and I nodded my head with my long term frustration in making anything happen here in Maine with my start-up, Readiness Associates.

I approached a few area self-proclaimed "economic development" advocates here in Portland without any significant or enthusiastic support for our desire to incorporate and/or grow our start up here, in Portland, where we've lived for several years.

As a result, I've reached out to California, where they have zero incentives for start-up growth (unless you have VC support). Back in CA I founded and grew a full-service marketing agency in NoCal and added an office in Eugene, OR. We quickly nixed California. The drought has metaphorical significance too.

Although we LOVE Portland, we're now seriously working with economic development folks in the Gulf Coast of Florida who are "hungry" for start-ups like ours. Florida is 2nd in the country for start-up support so we're planning to incorporate and base our organization in the Sunshine State.

It's a damn shame that we lost our desire to "try" and make entrepreneurship work right here in Maine. Downeast's loss will be Florida's (and our) gain. Maine's failed us while Florida embraces us.

Thanks for your article.


mjb | RA

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