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RA Moves Forward with Southwest Florida

After emailing Shane W. Farnsworth, EDFP, Manager, Business Development for Lee County Economic Development earlier this week, he responded promptly, followed by a phone conversation yesterday. Ww walked away impressed by Southwest Florida's branding for economic development. The operative word from Shane was they're "hungry" to bring new businesses to Southwest Florida, particularly in Ft. Myers.

We've already submitted our needs, which includes:

1. We will need help to structure and incorporate our company in Florida.
2. We will also want to work with an ED or legal expert in the following area: Title IV of the JOBS Act, known as “Regulation A+,” which allows small businesses and startups to raise up to $50 million from "the crowd." So priority 1 is capital development.
We're now going to see how responsive Shane's team to bring RA to Southwest FL.