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Safe. Ready. Prepared.

I have told several colleagues that if they have not had the chance to conduct a proper Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, for whatever reason, then the Readiness Associates survey is a very good place to start for learning the various areas that a healthcare facility must consider to be prepared for today’s emergencies. I think everything is right on point and this is a very good survey.
— Joey Hunter, Director of Security and EP, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

Are you ready?

Readiness Associates delivers complete health, safety, preparedness, and business continuity services to assure Fortune 1000 companies and healthcare organizations are ready for disasters and emergencies, while also being compliant with CMS regulations. Our strength is in our network and experience. We focus on customized workplace training, preparation, prevention, response, and more.

As manmade and natural disasters continue to increase worldwide, Readiness Associates is your essential preparedness and risk mitigation partner. We offer solutions that help workplaces execute a well-designed plan for immediate response anytime, anywhere. Readiness Associates' core mission is to ensure that any organization, especially health care organizations nationally, are CMS compliant while preparing teams and their families to be: Safe. Ready. Prepared.

Emergency Preparedness Regulation for health care organizations

Compliance is mandatory with the new requirements stated in the final ruling of Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Participating Providers and Suppliers from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Readiness Associates will prepare your organization for these new requirements.

Your "Readiness" Solution

Readiness Associates' experienced professionals provide a high-level of expertise to our markets: Fortune 1000 companies, particularly insurance companies and healthcare enterprises nationally. We offer a full suite of business continuity drills, tabletop exercises, and other evaluation tools that support any organization. Each client project has a dedicated team led by a point facilitator. Readiness Associates customizes services for each client, from evaluating facilities, processes, collaborative teams, and existing plans. Our team focuses on client process, creating customized plans driven by interviews, drills, and evaluations. And Readiness Associates keeps healthcare organizations CMS compliant while improving each organization's ability to respond to negative events, man-made or natural. Readiness Associates will improve employee safety while also enhancing business continuity. Our group is the only resource partner you will need to assure your Emergency Preparedness Program is current and reliable.


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